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Jerry Hudgins



In March of 2016, Jerry Hudgins started Sole Reason in Topeka, KS to serve children in need. He did so in response to Pope Francis’ call for “The Year of Mercy.”

Sole Reason is a 501(c)(3) and has given away over 7,000 pairs of sneakers since March of 2016. They collect and distribute FREE new sneakers to kids in need in the Topeka area. Hudgins, the founder, is the executive director, and works with a board of directors and support staff, to serve the community.

Sole Reason works with Topeka area school districts as well as organizations within those districts. In addition, Sole Reason works with other organizations, including: Boys & Girls Clubs of Topeka, Family Services and Guidance Center, and Pathway Family Services. 

Of those families who are served by Sole Reason, 67% are at or below poverty level, and 54% of the children are from single-family homes.


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